Welcome to the website developed by Mr. Klos. Within this website you will find information for your individual classes, and different extracurricular activities that I, Mr. Klos, am the advisor for, and other helpful information.

Within your individual class sites you will find your homework assignment lists, what is being covered in class, and any other important information that you might need to know. Also there will be the class outlines, rules, expectations, and grading systems that apply to you if you are at anytime uncertain of these things.

For the extracurricular activities you will find listings of meeting dates, upcoming events, and fundraising information that pertains to each individual activity.

This website is a constant “work-in-progress.” If you have any ideas that might make this site better and more useful to you – please email me so that I can consider the changes.

Thanks and have a great year.

Mr. Klos  



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Important Dates for April, May & June!

Earth Day – April 22nd

Administrative Professionals Day – April 26th

 Law Day – May 1st

Loyalty Day – May 1st

APUSH Exam – May 5th

 Mother’s Day!!!! – May 14th

Peace Officrs Memorial Day – May 15th

Armed Forces Day – May 20th

Memorial Day – May 29th

Final Exam Schedule Begins! – 6/5

D-Day – June 6th



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