Week of 3/21/16


Monday: pg 521/13-22 EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Quiz 8.1-8.2

Wednesday: pg 521/23-34 EXTRA HELP DAY

Thursday: 8.3/1-11odd,13-20all

Friday: 8.3/24-27


Monday:  pg 456/13-31,47-53 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: pg 456/12-30even,40-43 sketch

Wednesday: pg 466/9-33 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Thursday: pg 466/39-44

Friday: Quiz 7.3-7.4

Week of 3/14/16


Monday: Study EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Chapter 7 test

Wednesday: pg 503/7-19 all

Thursday: pg 512/19-25 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: 521/13-22


Monday: pg 447/13-21 EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Chapter 6 test

Wednesday: pg 439/27-29, pg 448/28,37,41

Thursday: pg 456/13-31, 47-53 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: Quiz 7.1-7.2

Week of 3/6/17


Monday: 7.5G/1-61 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: pg 480/1-39 odd

Wednesday: pg 492/1-28 (Due Friday)

Thursday: practice 7.6G/53-56,44,47-50,1-40 left EXTA HELP DAY

Friday: Quiz 7.5-7.6 488/6-71(at least 1 of each type)


Monday: Study EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Test Chapter 6

Wednesday: pg 428/1-30 (Due Friday)

Thursday: pg 439/10-16,26 (D,R,asy,y-int for all graphs) EXTA HELP DAY

Friday: pg 447/13-21 (D,R,asy,y-int for all graphs)

Week of 2/27/17


Monday: pg 473/7-31 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Standardized Test Prep

Wednesday: Quiz 7.3-7.4

Thursday: pg 473/32-45 all EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: 7.5G/1-61 odd


Monday: pg 425/53-82 (2 of each) EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Standardized Test Prep

Wednesday: Quiz 6.6-6.8 pg 427/1-33 odd

Thursday: Study EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: Test Chapter 6

Week of 2/21/17


Monday: Presidents’ Day

Tuesday: pg 456/40-43 (sketch all)

Wednesday: practice 7.3/21-27 (sketch all) EXTRA HELP DAY

Thursday: pg 466/9-33 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: pg 466/39-44, 50-55


Monday: Presidents’ Day

Tuesday: pg 410/9-35 odd

Wednesday: pg 418/15-20,25-36 EXTRA HELP DAY

Thursday: pg Study EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: Quiz 6.6-6.8

Week of 2/13/17


Monday: pg 447/13-21

Tuesday: pg 439/27-29, pg 448/28,37,41 EXTRA HELP DAY

Wednesday: pg 456/13-31, 47-53 odd

Thursday: Quiz 7.1-7.2 EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: Half Day Schedule


Monday: pg 395/21-41 odd

Tuesday: Quiz 5.3-6.4 EXTRA HELP DAY

Wednesday: pg 401/9-35 odd, 32, 34

Thursday:  pg 410/9-35 odd EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: quiz 6.5

Week of 2/6/17


Monday:Study 6.6-6.8 EXTRA HELP DAY

Tuesday: Quiz 6.6-6.8 pg 427/1-35 odd(skip 29)

Wednesday: Study chpt 6

Thursday: Chpt 6 Test EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: pg439/10-16,26 (Domain, Range, y-int, asymptote)


Monday: Quiz 6.1-6.2 EXTRA HRLP DAY

Tuesday: pg 322/17-25odd, 39,44,45

Wednesday: pg 386/11-33 odd,55-66all

Thursday: practice 6.4G/1-30(3 of each),33-60 middle EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: quiz 6.3-6.4 Monday

Week of 1/30/17


Monday: pg410/9-35 odd
Tuesday: pg 418/15-20,25-36 EXTRA HELP DAY
Wednesday: pg 428/1-30
Thursday: pg 425/53-82(at least 2 of each) EXTRA HELP DAY
Friday: Quiz 6.6-6.8 on Monday


Monday: pg 364/10-30
Tuesday: pg 371/11-47 odd EXTRA HELP DAY
Wednesday: pg 354/1-23
Thursday: 6.1&6.2 reteach all evens EXTRA HELP DAY
Friday: Quiz 6.1-6.2

Week of 1/23/17


Monday:401/9-35 odd,32,34

Tuesday: Quarterly review EXTRA HELP DAY

Wednesday: pg 428/1-30 (due 2/3)

Thursday: Quarterly EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: PARCC practice


Monday: Test chpt. 5

Tuesday: Quarterly review EXTRA HELP DAY

Wednesday: pg 354/1-23 (due 2/3)

Thursday: Quarterly EXTRA HELP DAY

Friday: PARCC practice

Week of 1/16/17


Monday: No School MLK Day

Tuesday: pg 395/21-41 odd

Wednesday: Quiz 6.3-6.4 EXTRA HELP DAY

Thursday: Study

Friday: Quiz 6.5


Monday: No School MLK Day

Tuesday: Chapter 5 review (at least 2 of each type, skip 5.7 and 5.8)

Wednesday: Quiz 5.6&5.9 EXTRA HELP DAY

Thursday: Study

Friday: Test Chapter 5