English III

English III Juniors: You are in the right place!

English IV Seniors: ~~Please follow the link ~~teachers.srsd.net/cconleywp 

Agenda:  look to your right by the login 


Forgot a worksheet in your locker?  Look under Agenda or Units for word documents.  Not every document is hyperlinked here, but you might get lucky.  Go look for it!

Virtual Library Database Research:  from srsd.net home page choose LIBRARY then under Subscription Databases choose your link. Most of these require a username and password.  Go find the Reference page that I handed out the first day of school and told you to keep it as your FIRST page of your binder!

Various WebLinks: under Blogroll to your right


  • What’s a BLOG POST?   It is homework you post online so the rest of the class can read your answers and comment.
  • Where is the BLOG POST? It is found under main menu across the top of site.  example: under “Units” find “Huck” and hover to the right to find each individual section.
  • Why doesn’t my BLOG POST show up?  If you hit SUBMIT and nothing happened, don’t panic.  Your blog reply/response will NOT show until it is moderated and graded.
  • The BLOG POST is asking for a password. This is a DIFFERENT password from the one you use to login. This password is given to you the first week of school.
  • Before answering BLOG POST:   If you start you answer right in the blog box and run out of time because the bell rang, you will lose your work! I strongly suggest you type your answer in a word document FIRST, so you can easily edit, proof, and SAVE! This way you can copy and paste it all when you are ready.

CONFUSED? LOST? QUESTIONS???? Email me ASAP.  I will try to respond as quickly as I can if I am online!

Ms. Conley Room 220  cconley@srsd.net






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